Message from Alumni Office

Welcome everyone on behalf of the Alumni Provisional Board!

It is a great privilege to be associated with this institution that has a niche for ‘Excellence’ through innovative programs and moral values. Herein lies the noble and loft opportunity for FMH graduates – students for a short time but alumni for a lifetime! Our institution has always laid emphasis on the training of mind rather than stuffing it with inert body of facts, or expanding the scientific imagination of students rather than making them thread the well-worn and outmoded groves of thoughts. We welcome you and encourage you to come join us and explore, break new grounds and to cultivate leadership qualities. The Board aims at producing such professionals with ability to lead the way only by setting up a strong base being a “loyal human being!”

The FMH Alumni Association will work to create a lifelong relationship with every alumna in order to advance the mission of the institution. It is for this reason that the association seeks to form chapters in order to foster continued links between the institution and its alumni and between the alumni themselves FMH values communication and support as an integral part of the effort crucial to maintaining ties to its alumni worldwide. We will soon roll out elaborate plans towards revamping the alumni association in order to make her a top notch association that meets the needs of its members, the institute, and the larger society. We will appreciate your cooperation in these efforts.

You can keep up with the achievements and milestones of your classmates, as well as the goings-on at the College, through us! Let us know where you are and what you’re doing. As a member of the Fatima Memorial family, keep in touch!

Vice President
Dr. Hoyaam Karimian

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